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Above:  Never Say Never (Serenaded by the Blonde), Photo Courtesy of the late, Most Honorable Mr. Yoshihisa Mori-san and Guests

More about Michael Andryc, 'Sophisticated Primitive' Modern Art:

Michael Andryc paints from a perspective that juxtaposes childlike naivety with deep artistic perception. His unique sense of humor is thinly concealed in his work, which demonstrates a deep love for humanity by the loving manner in which his subjects are portrayed.

- Yoshihisa Mori, Tokyo, Japan, 2014​

Request for Installation Photos

Over the past 45 years and before the advent of the Information Superhighway, Michael Andryc has sold, bartered, and gifted numerous original acrylic paintings to his loyal fans.  If you are a  collector of Michael Andryc 'Sophisticated Primitive' Post-Modern Art, we would be thrilled to share an installation photo of your acquisition(s) in natural settings, or in situ.  You can submit a jpeg of your artwork to his email address: [email protected]   He would enjoy hearing from you, learning where you are since meeting him (probably at the outdoor shows in Santa Fe),  and discovering where his work has landed in the 21st Century.  Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!