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Grandma Anna Andryc (1876? - 1966)​

'We kids were all afraid of her.  She didn't speak English; we didn't speak Polish, and she wielded her cane all over the place. Sometimes, she got both canes going . . .'

Left: Michael Andryc (circa 1958 at age 10) with Godmother Maggie Pasternak (left) and Grandma Anna Andryc, his paternal grandmother (far right), in the only photograph he has of her.

Right: Andryc's Grandmother - From the series Snapshots from the Netherworld. In this rendering, his grandmother enjoys a view of the Anthony Mill in Coventry, RI, outside the window. The Anthony Mill appears in many of his paintings, as four grandparents, both parents, and he all worked there. Today, it is remodeled and is a condominium complex.

' Through the miracle of art, I was able to turn this (deficit of cultural understanding) to my advantage. Using my imagination, I was able not only to fill in the blanks but also to take my grandmothers on a series of wild adventures in their adopted country.'

"Riding with Brando (My Grandmother and The Wild One)"




"The 90-Year Itch

(My Grandmother in Hollywood)