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Above: Artist's Assistant, Trooper, reflects on 'auld lang syne' with the ghost of calendars past


CALENDAR COVER: 'Canoeing through 2022'

Now Available:  Good Cheer All Year-Round!

'Canoeing through 2022' CALENDAR

Enjoy 12 months of uplifting Michael Andryc Art with this year's Artist's Edition, "Canoeing through 2022," a modern-day version of the princess and the frog/prince legend of yore.

  • 8.5" x 10" with a spiral binder
  • Glossy, heavy stock paper
  • National and religious holidays listed
  • Full moon schedule highlighted
  • Mixture of 6 new (post-Pandemic) and 7 vintage (pre-Pandemic) images from Michael's long-running series, "The True Adventures of the Blonde and the Frog," which now spans 30 years.  (See thumbnail sketches below.)
  • $23.00 + 5.00 Shipping/Handling within the USA + Sales Tax (if applicable)
  • Estimated arrival date (3 - 5 business days). 
'Canoeing through 2022' CALENDAR by Michael Andryc

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Seasonal Item, Supplies Are Limited


of Michael Andryc's Greatest Hits

"Lady Godiva in Coventry, Rhode Island"  ushers in the brand new year in her legendary style having taken a wrong turn in England.  Enjoy 13 of Michael Andryc's Greatest Hits throughout the upcoming year including:  The Abbey Road Expedition (My Grandmother Leading Others in Search of a Little Help from the Beatles . . . in These Hard Times), The Ramen Eaters, Van Gogh's Dog, Grandma's Opinion of the Information Superhighway, and more!  Mini-wall calendar measures 6.5" x 8.5" (opening to 13" x 8.5" and is printed on fine, glossy card stock (suitable for framing!)  ($12.00 + s/h).  

(International Customers, kindly contact the artist for an estimate on shipping, handling, and delivery date for your specific address).

Calendar, Michael Andryc, Lady Godiva, Coventry, Rhode Island

Happy New Year!

Images and Titles by Month:

January: The Abbey Road Expedition (My Grandmother Leading Others in Search of a Little Help from the Beatles . . . in These Hard Times)

February: Van Gogh's Dog

March: The Ramen Eaters (Van Gogh and Gauguin)

April: The Apparition (Angel Babka Restoring Life to My Friend and Companion, Precious, the Boston Terrier)

May: Dinner with Andy at the Nighthawk Café (After Edward Hopper)

June: Fishing Is Lousy in the Other World

July: Cooking for Puffy's Ghost

August: My Grandmother's Opinion of the Information Superhighway

September: Proto-Slavic Bird-Gathering Ritual

October: Edgar Allan and The Ravens (A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to the Tomb)

November: The Weird Thanksgiving

December: Lone Wolf (After Kowalski)

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Product 2

January: The Abbey Road Expedition (My Grandmother Leading Others in Search of a Little Help from the Beatles . . . in These Hard Times)

In the “Abbey Road Expedition,” my grandmother is on a journey to recover some of the wonder and magic and joy that was the Beatles and bring it back to these currently hard times. Instead of following the “Yellow Brick Road,” she is seen crossing the street made famous by the “Fab Four” to find out where they went. Following her are some of the best minds and talents in the worlds of native culture, music, art, and science – as represented by Sacajawea (and baby), Elvis, Frida Kahlo and Albert Einstein. Let’s hope her mission is not in vain.